Five Reasons to Maintain your Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Managing a restaurant kitchen equipment in Australia is so much more than overseeing the staff and placing food orders. All of the equipment, systems, and services in a commercial kitchen require routine maintenance.

Not only does this include daily cleaning your cooking appliances and work surfaces, it may also mean scheduling a professional deep clean of ventilation hoods and walk-in fridges and freezers.

In addition, motors, hinges, and glides need to be lubricated periodically. You should also inspect and test all appliances and systems on a regular basis so you can keep everything in working order. Be sure to budget for any necessary repairs so they can be performed as soon as possible.

We recommend creating a detailed schedule to reap the rewards of cleaning and maintenance. The benefit of routine restaurant equipment maintenance is that your machinery, appliances, and systems will function more efficiently.

Efficiently running equipment will result in energy savings, fewer failures, better food quality and service, extended lifespan, and a safer work environment for you and your employees.

1.Less major failure

Unexpected equipment breakdowns in kitchen can close the business for days which will result in loss of revenue and unhappy customers. To prevent major failures all equipment should be inspected and serviced on regular interval by a reliable and certified commercial appliance repair service provider.

2.Longer life expectancy of appliances

It’s known fact in food service industry that replacement of commercial kitchen equipment is very costly exercise. Restaurant owner could spend several thousand dollar on just a single appliance that is broken or simply worn out due to lack of care. By taking good care of restaurant equipment lifespan can be extended.

3.Safe work environment

Keeping employee safe at work should be one of the highest priority of business operator. Appliances that are large or small must be operated properly as per the standards of local councils. Keeping cooking equipment free of grease and debris will help prevent flare ups of hot flame that could injure staff.

4.Consistent quality food and service

If commercial kitchen equipment is not functioning properly or is not clean, quality of the food and taste is sure to be compromised. There is nothing worse than serving food with inconsistency in taste and quality. Appliances that are clean and running at maximum efficiency will also ensure that the meals kitchen puts out will be consistently good and will get to the table quickly.

5.Help reduce utility costs

Any piece of commercial cooking equipment that uses electricity, gas or water will run more efficiently if it’s kept clean & serviced on regular basis. Food service machines that are properly cleaned on regular basis lowers your utility costs as regularly serviced and maintained appliances require less electricity to serve its purpose.