Types of Commercial Cooktop used for Restaurant Kitchen

Any culinary business outlet or catering service provider requires different types of kitchen equipment and appliances for their commercial kitchen Australia for preparing food dishes and smooth kitchen operations

Though the list of appliances may vary depending upon the kitchen and restaurant size as well as the food dishes and cuisine it offers in Melbourne or Brisbane. Out of the appliances and list, many things remain in common for almost all kitchens, and a commercial cooktop is one of them.

The cooktop can work either with electricity or gas, they are popular as a commercial induction cooktop and commercial gas cooktop respectively. Cooktops can be used to make many cooking processes like heating, cooking, frying, shallow frying, boiling, and many other required cooking processes.

Cooktop for Commercial Kitchen

Commercial cooktops are available with a different number of burners like two-burner cooktops, six-burner cooktops, and four-burner gas cooktops, eight-burner cooktops  for commercial kitchens.

Why Do You Need a Cooktop For Your Kitchen?

The cooktop is a great addition to almost any kitchen as they provide the surface for a variety of cooking processes you need to prepare delicious food dishes. They are preferred by chefs and cooks for their easy and convenient usage, as they offer easy temperature adjustments and the cooking vessels can be placed and moved easily in a balanced way, making the cooking process safe and convenient.

As we discussed in the above part of the article, a commercial cooktop can be powered by either gas or electricity. Based on the energy they require to get flamed, the cooktop can be generally be classified into two types,

  • Commercial Gas Cooktop
  • Commercial Induction Cooktop

Cooktop Used For Restaurant Kitchen

Commercial Gas Cooktop

Commercial cooktop consists of burners and base, it works using gas. Gas cooktops are perfect for frying, grilling, cooking, and boiling as they provide instant high temperatures and can be controlled easily using the cooking knobs.

Gas cooktop has valuable attributes that help you give the best cooking experience in the kitchen. As you can cook, fry, grill, and boil a large number of food items, it makes a commercial gas cooktop to be one of the best mediums for cooking.

The food preparation process is made effortless with the thermostat adjustments feature in the gas cooktop. The temperature setting is flexible and easy as you can adjust it with the knob, as different kinds of food items need specific temperatures to get cooked.

It is available with 2 burners, 3 burners, 4 burner commercial gas cooktop, and so on with multiple burners for commercial uses.

Commercial Gas Cooktop

Features and Benefits Of Commercial Gas Cooktop

  • Ideal For Commercial Kitchen Because Of Its Heavy-Duty Constructed Frame
  • Durable Burners With Standby Pilots
  • Energy Saver
  • Prepares Food Quicker
  • Even Distribution of Heat
  • Heavy Duty Valves And Controls
  • Stainless Steel Burners
  • Manual Controls
  • Adjustable Temperature Settings
  • Durable Trivets
  • Pipe Gas Inlet 
  • Four Stainless Steel Screws Designed To Sit On a Bench On Adjustable Legs
  • Effortless Hand-Operated Control
  • Durable
  • Handy Manual Ignition To All Burners
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Hassle-free Clean

Commercial Induction Cooktop

Commercial Induction Cooktop is a new edge stove that doesn't use a traditional energy source for heating, rather it uses electrical power to generate energy for heating. If you are looking for rapid, controllable, and precise heat with energy-saving capability then an induction cooktop is best for commercial use.

You might be thinking about how Induction cooktop works? The commercial induction cooktop has a smooth glass surface on cooking pans and vessels are placed.

Commercial Induction Cooktop

Beneath the glass, there is an induction coil and a generator is placed, a magnetic field is created as you place an induction-ready pan on an activated induction cooktop.

The magnetic field generated creates heat to cook the food contained within the cooking vessels. The heat generated by the magnetic field heats the vessel and food contained in it, not the cooktop. As you remove the cooking vessel the magnetic field gets impeded making the cooktop stop generating heat and consuming energy.

Benefits and Features Of Commercial Induction Cooktop

Undoubtedly, the contemporary design of the induction cooktop makes your commercial kitchen look chic, also it helps you in cutting down your expenses as it is energy-efficient and cost-effective as compared to the traditional cooktop.

  • Contemporary Design

It makes your kitchen look stylish and modern with its sleek design and attractive looks.

  • Unmatched Efficiency

It is energy efficient and a time saver, making the process cost-effective and quick.

  • Easy Maintenance

With a smooth surface, the commercial induction cooktop is easy to clean, maintain, and operate long-lasting.

  • Safe

As it uses electrical power to generate a magnetic field for heating there is no thermal dispersion or gas leak out making it safer. 

The glass-ceramic surrounding the cooking area doesn't get heated, preventing the risk of burns.

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