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Choosing the right bar fridge for your restaurant or bar is not so difficult, all you need is the well-planned approach to ensure that the commercial refrigerator you choose meets your needs and requirements.The Following guidelines will assist you in locating the best refrigeration solution for your restaurant or bar.


It is very important to Consider whether the commercial refrigerator will be placed in the kitchen or if it will be displayed at the front of your restaurant to promote visual merchandising.If the refrigerator must be placed in front of customers, make sure that its exterior appearance is attractive and appealing.

Refrigerators with glass doors are commonly used in bars to attract the attention of customers. Customers are also drawn to display refrigerators with LED lighting. If the refrigerator is only used by your staff, the outside appearance is less important. However, in order to maintain the quality of frozen foods, the cooling capacity should be considered.


Take exact measurements of the refrigeration space in your store. If space is not an issue for you, you can choose even larger size refrigeration for your store. Determine the 'footprint' of your equipment in terms of height, width, and depth. When choosing a Commercial fridge for your store, keep the fridge footprint, door swing dimensions, and interior cubic feet in mind to determine how much storage space you will have with each model. The interior cubic feet will tell you how much storage space you have.

Identify the requirement of the cold storage and freezers :

It is critical that you determine how much cold storage and freezer space you will need to efficiently store uncooked and precooked food items. You can contact your restaurant staff and the cook to discover the actual needs of your bar or restaurant.

This requirement may also change based on your company's future strategies. For example, if you want to expand your restaurant business, you may need more cold storage and freezer space, and vice versa.

Configuration of the Refrigerator:

Once you've determined the size of the fridge you'll be able to accommodate, you should then determine the configuration of the diverse commercial refrigerators. Commercial Refrigerators in Australia come in a variety of configurations, including

Commercial refrigerators with reach-in doors:

Commercial Reach-in refrigerators frequently include shallow shelves for easy access. They stand upright for easier access and have one to four doors, depending on the manufacturer and size.

Commercial counter-depth refrigerators:

These types of refrigerators are highly efficient and fit into smaller size.And so it is ideal for your bar or restaurant. They are also ideal for quick self-service items such as pre-made sandwiches, salads, and drinks.

Consider Reviews and ratings of diverse Commercial Refrigeration:
In Australia, there are diverse refrigeration manufacturers and dealers, which provide high quality commercial refrigeration at competitive rates. While choosing the refrigeration for your bar or restaurant, you should take into consideration the following listed points.

  • Customer Reviews
  • Pricing
  • Customer Ratings
  • Energy Star Status
  • Energy Efficiency Rating
  • Door Cnfiguration

It is quite important for you to consider the door configuration of the commercial refrigeration. In Australia, a wide range of commercial refrigerators are available with door configuration.

Display commercial refrigeration comes with glass doors , which allows the customers or staff to see what they need without opening the fridge. These types of fridge can be placed in the dining area of bars and restaurants to draw customers attention. While solid doors commercial refrigerators are ideal for the kitchen.

While choosing the fridge for your bar or restaurant, you should also consider the swing direction of the doors. You should make sure that the people should have a space to open the door and get into the fridge. Basically if the door is opened again and again, the power consumption increases. So a display fridge is ideal for self service purposes.

As customers don't need to open the fridge for the product they want.

New Unit VS USED

It is always recommended to buy a new refrigeration for commercial purposes. The new refrigeration will be in a good condition and will be more efficient compared to the older ones. If your budget is high and so you should definitely opt for New unit.There are diverse advantages of choosing the new refrigeration for your store. They are as follows

  • They are more efficient and spacious
  • Their outer body is quite attractive
  • Display Commercial refrigerator new models comes with LED lights
  • They comes with one to five years of warranty
  • Their maintenance costs is quite low
  • In Australia, New units of commercial Refrigerators are also available at affordable prices.
  • Wide range of refrigerators models available at different prices.

If you have a tight budget, then you can go for old units. But the only problem with the old units is that you don't get many options in it. And sometimes it is possible that you need to compromise on the quality and efficiency of the unit due to the low budget. Apart from it, their maintenance cost is quite high and so make sure that the old unit you are purchasing should be in a good condition.

Mostly, people sell the old units , when they become inefficient and unable to fulfil their purpose. So before purchasing the old units for the commercial purpose, think twice. Although the initial installation costs may be low, sometimes the maintenance costs are quite high and purchasing it will not serve your purpose.


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