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It goes without saying that having a thorough strategy makes launching a bar simpler. Before you open your doors, make sure you have all of the necessary bar equipment to turn your dream into a reality.

Here is a comprehensive list of the most important bar equipment needed to open a bar.

Must-have bar equipment:

Keep in mind that the specific equipment on your list may differ depending on the unique activities of your organization. However some of the essential bar equipment required to operate the bar or restaurant efficiently are listed below.

  • Cocktail and bartending equipment
  • Beverages and bar equipment for beverage dispensing
  • A POS system for a bar 
  • Bar furnishings and other equipment
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Bar kitchen Equipment
  • Cocktail and Bartending Equipment

    Bartenders need more than just the appropriate liquor, mixes, and other supplies for their beverages. They also require the proper equipment to rapidly and efficiently mix and serve beverages.

    Bartending Tools and Accessories

    • Jiggers
    • Muddlers
    • Cocktail shakers
    • Cocktail spoon
    • Citrus juicers
    • Cap catchers
    • Bottle and can openers
    • Cocktail strainers
    • Garnishing tools
    • Muddling supplies
    • Straws and stirrers
    • Cutting boards
    • Napkins and coasters
    • Bar mats
    • Bar towels
    • Liquor bottle pourers
    • Containers for garnishes and bitters
    • Ice cube trays, ice molds and ice buckets
    • Wine openers

    Beverage Dispensing Bar Equipment:

    A comprehensive range of well liquors and top-shelf liquors, as well as liqueurs and cocktail mixers, should be on your bar equipment list.

    Types of  Glasses

    • Rocks glasses
    • Pint glasses
    • Shot glasses
    • Collins (and other specialty) glasses
    • Pint glasses
    • Wine glasses
    • Champagne glasses
    • Martini glasses
    • Brandy snifters
    • Highball glasses
    • Mixing glasses

    Other equipment

    • Speed rails
    • Liquor dispensers
    • Ice wells
    • Ice crusher
    • Ice maker
    • Blenders
    • Glass racks/holders

    A bar POS system

    While old-fashioned cash registers and bulky computers may be used to run a bar, a contemporary bar POS system can be a big assistance to your business. This system will not only provide you with a convenient way to handle client records and transactions, but current POS software will also provide you with capabilities to control the operations of your whole business more efficiently.

    Bar furniture and other equipment

    You'll need to determine the quantity and kind of tables and chairs you want in your restaurant based on the size of your venue. If you don't already have a bar counter, you should have one created to match the area. Other logistical requirements will include décor, TV monitors, cable, and sound equipment.

    Bar Refrigeration and cold storage are also required to  store the diverse ingredients and drinks. Here is a complete list of coolers and refrigeration to consider:

    Coolers and refrigeration

  • Kegerators
  • Beer coolers
  • Wine coolers
  • Additional cooler for garnishes
  • Horizontal bottle cooler
  • Swing door back bar cooler
  • Swing door merchandiser
  • Storage cooler
  • Cleaning Equipment:

    For the safety of your staff and customers, it is more important than ever to have powerful cleaning equipment and a streamlined method for disinfecting glassware and barware. A two or three sink configuration is required for bar workers to wash dishes using specialist cleaning agents, as well as bathroom equipment, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies.

    Food and kitchen supplies

    If you plan to offer meals at your bar, you'll need kitchen supplies and equipment. Depending on the meal you serve, you may require:

    • Grills
    • Fryers
    • Flat-top griddles
    • Plates
    • Cutlery

    How and where can I get this equipment?

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  • Stocking up your new bar or Restaurant with the right equipment

    Once you've made the checklist of  your bar equipment , you can  now concentrate on the other aspects of your business , such as hiring workers and developing a distinctive brand. Your bar will have a solid foundation if you have the necessary tools and equipment in place. Please reach us at if you need help getting started with choosing the right Bar Equipment  for your bar.

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