Types of Commercial Freezer

1. Upright Commercial Freezer

Also known as stand-up commercial freezers comes in two types, solid door and glass door. Solid door commercial freezers are mainly used in commercial kitchens for storage of frozen foods whereas glass door freezers are used in grocery stores or supermarkets to display frozen foods for customers to view and purchase. Upright commercial freezers come in single door, double door and three door sizes.

2. Commercial Workbench Freezer

Workbench freezers are used in the kitchen for storage as well as preparation as they have stainless steel top which can be used for food preparation. Workbench freezer also known as undercounter freezer comes in single door, two door, three door and four door configurations.

3. Commercial Chest Freezer

There are two types of commercial chest freezers, solid lid chest freezer and display chest freezer. Solid top / lid is widely used in commercial kitchen or storage areas to store goods for long periods while display chest freezers are used in supermarkets, grocery shops or petrol stations to display frozen goods.

4. Commercial Blast Freezer / Chiller

These Freezers are used to freeze food in a short period of time around 90 to 120 minutes. Blast Freezers are used in big kitchens, hospitals, age care facilities and reception centers where bulk cooking is performed. Blast chillers / freezers come in various sizes like countertop, undercounter or upright. Blast freezers are used to freeze food as compared to commercial freezer which are used to keep food frozen.

Commercial freezer