Different Types Of Commercial Fridge and Freezer Used By Restaurants, Bars, and Cafe

We always conjure about a stationed refrigeration in the home whenever we hear about the word refrigerator. But we need to understand that refrigeration is not just limited to cooling, it is much more than that. There is a wide spectrum of refrigerators when it comes to commercial refrigeration or commercial fridge range. In this article, we are sharing brief information about the different commercial fridges used by cafes, restaurants, bars, and other culinary business holders.

Cafe appliances offer a wide range of commercial refrigeration in Australia that includes bar fridges, commercial fridge range, commercial freezers, bench-top display fridges, and many more. Every category of the fridge has its specific advantage and usage. Depending on your bar, restaurant, and cafe you may need multiple fridges and freezers for your setup.

Besides cooling the stored items, refrigerators are required to keep the stored items fresh and usable. Veggies and other cooking items are required to store at an appropriate temperature to maintain their taste and freshness.

So, it won’t be an overstatement to say that refrigeration can help you to maintain the taste and quality of the dishes you serve to your customers and diners.

A proper refrigeration setup is required to chill the beverages and drinks at the required temperature to serve them to the customers. Apart from that, it can also be used to display and showcase the drinks and beverages to persuade the customers to try and get that drink from them. The above advantages and benefits of refrigeration being in high demand always keep the sale of commercial fridges high.

Why Do You Need Commercial Fridges?

The different types of fridges that fall into the category of commercial fridge are listed below,

When listing down a restaurant's needs of appliances and kitchen equipment commercial refrigeration is essential. As you are dealing with foods and drinks you should be asking yourself where or how will you preserve your food? So, getting standard quality and suitable commercial fridge for your restaurant’s kitchen is therefore essential.

Every restaurant, cafe, or bar sells different types of dishes and cuisines so you need to know the best commercial fridge that is suitable for your restaurant’s kitchen.

For instance, while using Bar fridges for storing veggies you need to have to change the mode and take care of the temperature of the fridge to keep the taste and freshness of the veggies intact. So, it is advisable to select the fridge specifically as per your restaurant’s kitchen needs and the purpose of the commercial fridge.

Commercial Freezer

There are different types of commercial freezers on sale, out of the given different categories you need to select the best suitable freezer for your restaurant’s kitchen,

Every freezer has its unique advantages, utilities, and purposes to be served, you need to select it as per your requirement, menu, and ambiance setup of your restaurant.

For an instance, let’s compare blast freezer and display freezer out of the different types of commercial freezers listed on sale.

Blast Freezer v/s Display Freezer

  1. Blast Freezer

Blast freezing is capable of cooling and freezing larger volumes of food at a much quicker rate than when using a conventional freezer. Blast freezer helps in halting the spread of bacteria due to its low-temperature capabilities, resulting in food that is both fresher and safer to eat.

It helps in preserving the nutrients in the food as well as keeps the food stored safely for a longer period that eventually reduces food wastage. It is ideal for storing all types of foods no matter whether it is raw or cooked.

  1. Display Freezer

Display freezers are easily movable and consume less energy as compared to regular models. It can help you to draw more customers to your outlet.

Representation is a crucial part of the culinary business, display freezers are equipped with lights that make your food items and beverages get represented attractively. It also helps in drawing attention and makes it visible in crowded or dark dining setups.

Along with the above perks, it has a faster cooling system making the drinks and beverages get chilled in less time and also provides easy accessibility to the customers.

As we discussed the differences of both the blast freezer and display freezer every commercial freezer and fridge have their unique mechanism and purposes.

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