Benefits of Installing Various Commercial Fridges

Running a culinary business requires utter operational management to make it operate smoothly and effectively. The main aspects of the culinary business are timely and quality service. You need to focus and balance both the aspects as quick service with bad food quality and best service delivered making customers awaited for a long time are of no use. For timely and quality services you need to concentrate on the management and operations of your commercial kitchen.

Having a commercial kitchen with an appropriate floor plan, complete commercial kitchen equipment, and tools makes the kitchen operations of the hotel, restaurant, and cafe smooth and quick.

The key components of any commercial kitchen or culinary business are cooking equipment, refrigeration, stainless steel equipment, cafe equipment, crockery, and electrical appliances required for the cooking process.

Though all components are very crucial, there was a time when refrigeration was often precluded and no one can be ignored as every component of the commercial kitchen is interconnected.

But now culinary business operators and consultants are understanding the importance of proper refrigeration and therefore they are installing different commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers in the commercial kitchen and dining/seating area of the restaurant, cafe, and bar.

There are different types of commercial refrigerators available in the market and we supply all types of commercial kitchen equipment and commercial fridges in Australia. Whether you are looking for commercial upright fridges, countertop fridges, or dry aging fridges in Australia, we provide all types of refrigeration solutions for commercial kitchens with our polar fridge series.

Upright Fridges

The most commonly used commercial fridge is upright fridges of polar fridge series as there are several benefits of using these refrigerators.

For any commercial kitchen, the smart floor plan is very important where the placement of refrigeration also needs to be planned as per the availability of the space and easy accessibility for the kitchen staff to save time. The footprint of the polar fridge series’ upright fridge is small as compared to the horizontal fridges making it ideal for the commercial kitchen with small space.

The availability of upright fridges in an extensive range of sizes gives you a variety of options you can choose upon as per the number of food products that you need to store. The different sizes can be categorized from the number of doors a refrigerator has like single door, double doors, and even triple doors.

Counter Top Fridge

For any business presentation of the product is important, the chances of getting customers to buy it increase when it is displayed attractively. For restaurants, bars and cafes, a countertop fridge is a great way to showcase chilled products to the customers.

Polar fridge’s countertop fridge can be used to display and store beverages, iced coffee, energy drinks, fresh-baked muffins, and sandwiches. It can hold any product that needs to be refrigerated before being sold to your customer.

The countertop fridge is not limited to keeping products chilled at optimal temperature, but it can also entice customers to make a last-minute purchase.

The advantages of countertop fridge are,

  • Attractive Display 
  • Maintains Hygiene
  • Impulse Buy
  • Energy-Efficient Solution 
  • Keeps Every Product At Eye-level
  • Saves Floor Space
  • Easy To Clean & Maintain 
  • Comfortable Accessibility and Restocking

Organizing and restocking are convenient and straightforward with countertop fridges. As it allows you to keep every product at eye level, you don’t need to worry about where to place an item to maximize visibility.

While restocking it or giving it to a customer you don’t need to bend or search the product as it is located on your countertop. Restocking beverages involves a lot of bending down, which is time-consuming and can be laborious, with a countertop fridge it is effortless and quick.

Dry Aging Fridge

If you are looking for a dry-aging fridge in Australia then you are at the right place. To achieve the best and desired outcome for dry aging the process needs to be intricate that requires very specific humidity and temperature levels.

Maintaining high-quality meat can become difficult for culinary business operators having busy schedules and operational limitations.

Having a good quality dry-aging fridge in your restaurant helps you serve good quality meat to your customers as well as you can protect the reserved meat from getting spoiled. Investing in dry Aging refrigerators can be significantly useful for commercial kitchens where it can be beneficial in improving efficiency and reducing cost.

While dealing with raw meat products, it is important to adhere to strict health and safety guidelines. In case, if meat is not preserved under a certain temperature it can lead to dangerous bacterial growth.

Cafe appliance is a leading name for commercial kitchen equipment supply and we provide the refrigeration for commercial kitchens that range from upright fridges to dry aging fridges in Australia.

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